The Byke Niranjana in Bodh Gaya

The Byke Niranjana Resort is situated on the Holy Land of Buddha (Bodhgaya, Bihar). Bodhgaya is a World Heritage Site that houses the sacred Mahabodhi Tree under which Lord Buddha is believed to have attained enlightenment. Bodhgaya has numerous tourist places - temples, viharas, monasteries and pilgrimage centres - for visitors to visit. Several countries like Japan, Burma, China, Sri Lanka, Korea, Nepal, etc. having strong faith in Buddhism, have built their respective monasteries and temples in Bodhgaya. The most striking feature of these monasteries and temples is that they feature different architectural styles. The historians and archaeologists should not miss out the archaeological museum of Bodhgaya which occupies an important place among the various tourist attractions of Bodhgaya. If you are looking for a comfortable stay with luxurious amenities in the Holy land of Buddha, book your stay at The Byke Niranjana in Bodhgaya. The resort offers accommodation for both solo travellers and families. Enjoy your stay in cosy cottages with beautiful wooden interiors and best in class hospitality.


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