Top 6 Best Places to Visit in India on Diwali Vacation

Top 6 Best Places to Visit in India on Diwali Vacation

“The Longest Weekend is Coming…” Falling this year on 24th October, the Festival of Lights is coming your way with great zeal and new beginnings! Diwali is one of the massive festivals celebrated across India where the deep rooted diverse cultures and religions get their festive spirits high by sending & receiving sweets, gifts, bursting crackers and families spending time together OR…Escaping for a much needed vacation to enjoy the golden moments of life around India.

This holiday season, witness the beauty of an auspicious occasion being celebrated across various States & Cities and explore India like never before! Here are the 6 Best Places to visit on Diwali Vacation curated just for you.


The heart of Goa beats with great enthusiasm during the festival of lights, where people come together to celebrate conquering the demon Narakasura by Lord Krishna. Throughout the party capital of India there are competitions of making enormous and spine-chilling effigies which are burned on the day before the main Diwali i.e. Narakasura Chaturdashi.

A glorious Diwali celebration can be seen throughout the five days with bright fireworks, festive feasts and happy vibes. It is the perfect haven for euphoric nightlife, live music, floating casinos, ritzy restaurants, and serene beaches, to drive and explore all the alluring places in Goa while your belongings can be safe at The Byke Royal Pearl, North Goa or The Byke Old Anchor, South Goa. If you are on a budget, our boutique Goa hotels are the best choice for you.

Himachal Pradesh

The snow paradise of India, Himachal Pradesh honors Diwali with an age-old tradition that continues for 4-5 days. They feel the pride of celebrating “Budhi Diwali”, the state’s own unique way of having a feast by gathering in the hamlets of Shimla, Kullu, Shillai, Sangrah and Sirmaur. Budhi Diwali has a deep cultural root and direct correlation with the mainstream Diwali. The only difference is the fact that it is celebrated exactly one month after.

The locals dress in traditional outfits, dance through the nights, the streets are adorned with festive lights and glimmering diyas. You can traverse to the land of snowy meadows during the long weekend to witness the mystical vibes of preparing for Budhi Diwali throughout the state while your stay can be at our warm and welcoming with a rustic touch of wooden aesthetic hotels – The Byke Neelkanth, Manali or The Byke Nature Vilas, Shimla.


If you want to spend your Diwali vacation away from the roistering sound of festive vibes, unwind at the most serene heaven of India, Kerala – The God’s own country celebrates Diwali on a much lower scale compared to the northern states of India. Diwali is just a one-day occasion, with low-key celebrations on Naraka Chaturdashi to honor Lord Krishna’s triumph over the evil King Narkasura.

The tranquility of the state is what attracts the people all over the world, Keralites being the peace lovers don’t prefer bursting firecrackers as the locals maintain the mellow atmosphere just by lighting diyas, dressing up with festive outfits, embellishing with gleaming lights and lanterns.

To soak into the hues of pleasant moments during Diwali, get a staycation at The Byke Spice Heritage, Kochi or The Byke Puja Samudra, Kovalam and spend your holidays with a soul cleansing experience.


A Grandeur Diwali celebration is an understatement when it comes to the beautiful pink city because Jaipur gets ready for Diwali like a newlywed bride! The Festival of Lights is something so majestic here that the tourists visit during the festive season every year just to see the beauty of decorated spots in the city. Just like Goa, Jaipur also holds a competition during Diwali where the Government pays the electricity bill for the most astonishing and elegantly decorated markets.

To get mesmerized by the regal vibe of Diwali in Jaipur, explore the bustling Johari Bazaar where everything is lightened with vibrant colors and radiant vibes, It is affectionately called ‘The Strip’ because like ‘The Strip’ of Las Vegas, this locus also dazzles onlookers with its spellbinding decorations and just like Johari Bazaar; Chaura Rasta, Laxmi Mishtan Bhandar, Nahargarh Fort , MI Road, Albert Hall, World Trade Park, Jal Mahal, Motisons Jewellers on Tonk Road, Amer Fort and Gaurav Tower are the magnetic places which during Diwali dwells in fancy lighting, fascinating feasts, family & friends gatherings and festive spirits. You will find many budget hotels in Jaipur that are a short drive away from major landmarks and one of them is our The Byke Grassfield, Jaipur for your comfy stay while you wander through the pink city.



Another serene city to unwind if the hustle and bustle of loud Diwali celebration is not your way of spending time in the holidays. Ooty is an ideal getaway for those who wish to have a laid-back staycation during the long weekend this year. It’s quieter than the rest of the state as you can enjoy the sublime views of Nilgiris and deep valleys while misty breeze caress your body. For Tamilans, a Deepavali celebration starts with an early morning oil bath and ends by bursting crackers at night.

The first ritual of the festive day begins with an oil bath before sunrise. Oil is symbolic of washing off the evil traits, after the bath, people wear freshly traditional outfits and perform Puja. The houses are cleaned and decorated for the festival, with Kolams (Rangoli), betel leaves, nuts, flowers and fruits. The streets are decorated with gleaming lights and glimmering oil lamps. Explore and traverse through the city while your hotel keys can be of ours The Byke Sunshine Grand, Ooty



A finest utopia for the ultimate Diwali celebration is none other than Matheran as this beauty of nature never fails to mesmerize throughout the year. Lushy greeneries, tranquil environs and unpolluted ambience are the reasons to witness during the Festival of Lights. It is a divine feeling for nature lovers who must visit this milieu with unruffled hilly backdrops and beautiful meadows. Matheran usually hypnotizes a gust of tourists from all over the world as the “Forest on Top” is one of the main attractions in India.

While traveling to the hilly town you can experience something out of the ordinary as Matheran prohibits motor vehicles of any kind from running around the roadways so, it pushes you to come out of your comfort zone and explore the city in an authentic way while your abode is at The Byke Heritage or The Byke Brightland, Matheran.

So, this Diwali, utilize your holidays in a better way with your loved ones and getaway for a mini vacation at any of these destinations to make timeless memories of a magnificent celebration in your style with us!


Ashwini Achary – The Byke Team