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Quarter ended December 2021 Quarter ended September 2021
Quarter ended June 2021Quarter ended March 2021
Quarter ended December 2020Quarter ended June 2020
Quarter ended September 2020Quarter ended March 2020
Quarter ended December 2019Quarter ended September 2019
Quarter ended June 2019Quarter ended March 2019
Quarter ended September 2018Quarter ended December 2018
Quarter ended March 2018Quarter ended June 2018
Quarter ended December 2017Quarter ended Jun 30, 2017
Quarter Ended September 2017Cumulative March 2016-17
Quarter ended December 31, 2016Quarter ended September 30, 2016
Financials for the quarter ended June 30 ,2016Quarter Ended on Dec 2015-16
Quarter Ended on September 2015-16Quarter Ended on June 2015-16
Quarter Ended September 2010-2011Cumulative March 2014-15
Quarter June 2010-2011Quarter ended on December 2014-15
Cumulative March 2009-2010Quarter Ended September 2009-2010
Quarter and Half Year Ended September 2014Quarter Ended June 2009-2010
Quarter Ended June 2014-15Cumulative March 2008-2009
Cumulative March 2013-14Quarter Ended December 2008-2009
Quarter Ended December 2013-14Quarter and Half Year Ended September 2013
Quarter Ended September 2008-2009Quarter Ended June 2013-2014
Quarter Ended June 2009-2010Cumulative March 2007-2008
Cumulative March 2012-2013Quarter Ended December 2007-2008
Quarter Ended December 2012-2013Quarter Ended September 2012-2013
Quarter Ended September 2007-2008Quarter Ended June 2012-2013
Quarter Ended June 2007-2008Cumulative March 2011-2012
Cumulative March 2006-2007Quarter Ended December 2011-2012
Quarter Ended September 2006-2007Quarter Ended September 2011-2012
Quarter ended June 2006-2007Quarter June 2011-2012
Cumulative March 2006-2007Cumulative March 2010-2011
Quarter ended December 2005-2006Quarter ended September 2005-2006
Quarter Ended December 2010 2011Cumulative March 2015-16